Automatically analyze your football game with TrackBox

31st Oct 2023

Get to know TrackBox, the latest addition to the SportUp Start startups. TrackBox is a generic software solution that automatically extracts physical metrics and event data from video footage.

We asked founders Christophe, Wout and Laurens a few questions about their startup, their journey so far and their ambitions for the future.

1. What does TrackBox do and why?

TrackBox offers an advanced software solution for automated football match analysis. Using Artificial Intelligence, we automatically extract valuable physical and match statistics from match footage and make them available via an API. Our goal is to break the barrier between the amateur and professional market and thus make data available for everyone in sports.

2. What does your startup need, and how can SportUp Start / imec.istart help you to take these next steps?

We are looking for funding, tech experts and network in the sports tech world. All the above will be essential for us to take the next steps. Imec.istart is obviously helping us with these challenges.

3. What are some challenges you came across so far?

One of the challenges would be finding the right type of funding at the right time. That’s a challenge we are working on right now. Next to that, it’s also really essential that we require focus on our core products. Our software solution offers a lot of possibilities that might end up in other applications or products. This obviously is something positive, but it will nevertheless be essential to remain focused on our core product and closing the first commercial deal.

4. What are TrackBox’ plans for the future?

On a product level, we currently offer all of our features on a team level. The goal in 2024 is to provide individual statistics and individual game highlights. This will offer players and coaches a more in-depth view of their performances. 

On a commercial level, the main goal of 2024 is to reach a full platform integration with 4 key partners in Europe, who will take our automated match analysis into their offering towards players, coaches and clubs.

In the further future, we also have the ambition to expand our software to other sports as well, such as hockey, basketball, American football etc.

5. Which impact do you hope to achieve for sports and society?

Our ultimate goal is to make data available for everyone in the world of sports. Currently less than 1% of the football players in the world have access to data and footage about themselves, due to the high costs. This is exactly what we want to change.

Are you curious to find out more about TrackBox? Visit their website or contact us so we can put you in touch!

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