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Boost startup 'Opteamal' is growing every day!

16th Oct 2020

Opteamal is an open and adaptable data analysis and communication platform that’s built to combine player data from different platforms and sources. It gives a personalized and detailed overview from every angle or perspective in terms of performance..

These days, a lot of data is generate…

Does Your Sport Startup Find Itself In A Red Ocean Or A Blue Ocean?

13th Oct 2020

Most of us dream of improving the sports industry or another individual’s sports experience. In many cases, this is because we experience(d) a need ourselves. Which means when we start turning this dream into a startup, we need to approach the creation of our business with a critical eye, making …

Internationalization Done Right: Why It’s Smart To Use A Soft Landing Program

1st Oct 2020

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review performed an analysis which revealed that for most companies, it takes up to 10 years after moving into a new market to reach just a 1 percent return on investment.

SportUp Meet 2020: The New Way of Networking!

30th Sep 2020


So many things to do, so many contacts to follow or so in need of new contacts, but so little time!

We asked ourselfs: how can we help our SportsTech startup community?
What do they need and what ha…

How To Build An International Network That Really Facilitates Your Expansion In A New Market

8th Sep 2020

At some point in your sports tech startup journey, the idea of expanding your business to other countries will probably pop up.

You might want to expand because your home market is too small, your current market is saturated, other markets seem ‘more ready’ for your product, there are oth…

How to expand your network at SportUp Meet with the right people?

7th Sep 2020

Here are some suggestions to meet interesting profiles!

It will be provided by Conversation Starter, a tool to meet new people in a very efficient way. Just make a profile here, …

How To Assess The Competitive Playing Field Of Your Startup: The 3 Main Areas To Research

12th Aug 2020

The feeling you get after discovering an idea that could potentially innovate or revolutionize the sports industry, is amazing.

You immediately sense the possibilities of how your idea can improve people’s lives or impact companies’ efficiency. You might even envision how you create a livi…

14 Networking Tips From A Sports Tech Startup Insider

3rd Aug 2020

As a follow-up to our previous blog post ‘Why every sport startup founder needs to be a part time networker’, sharing the 9 Types of people founders need to have in their network, we dug a little deeper a…

Why Every Sport Startup Founder Needs To Be a Part-Time Networker

15th Jul 2020

Have you ever heard the saying: “Your network is your net worth”?

Ever since startup advisor Porter Gale coined this saying in 2013 by writing a book with this title, it’s been used countless times by startup mentors advising their ambit…

These 5 Factors Account The Most For Startup Success, According To Serial Tech Innovator Bill Gross

3rd Jul 2020

Whenever people discuss which factors are the most determining when it comes to startup success, opinions are widely divided.

Is it actually possible to predict if a business is going to be successful? We asked Sportup Innovation Manager Nico Delleman…

The 4 Laws Of Innovation That Make Or Break Your Sports Tech Innovation Process

24th Jun 2020

Having an innovative idea that could impact or possibly turn around the industry you’re in is one thing, but it’s a whole other thing to successfully work through an innovation process to bring that idea to life.

Over the past 2 years of coaching a few dozen sports tech startups in our Sp…

Get to know 5 new startups from SportUp Boost

9th Jun 2020
What happened during the latest SportUp Boost?

5 startups successfully completed this 3rd season of SportUp Boost and again, we had very enriching sessions.

All the workshops were organized completely remote, by using MS Teams. The various theoretical topics were explained during …

Two Types Of Customers Sport Startups Absolutely Need To Convince First

27th May 2020

How do innovators like you get the mass majority to adopt your innovation so you can grow your startup into a strong and sustainable business? Not an easy question to answer, but experience and research uncovered many indicators on what startups should -or not- do.

One of those indicators …

Eager To Expand Your Startup Internationally? Make Sure You Meet These 7 conditions.

20th May 2020

For many startups Flanders is a great testing ground to further scale globally. With the presence of many international companies nearby and located at the heart of Europe, Belgium’s active and international community offers many opportunities to grow your business.

Belgium offers a quick…

Mistakes Founders Make: Falling Into The ‘One-Lead-User’ Trap

5th May 2020

There aren’t many entrepreneurs out there who become entrepreneurs just by 'wanting' to be an entrepreneur. Let alone be successful.

Successful entrepreneurs mostly start off by dreaming: they find themselves asking questions like "What if...", which leads to ideas popping up. And most of …

The one framework every sports tech startup needs to apply (besides the Business Model Canvas): imec’s Innovatrix model

22nd Apr 2020

Since its initial development in 2005, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) has spread throughout startup land and quickly became one of the most used business model frameworks.

Compiled of nine different building blocks, it describes a business’ or product's value proposition, infrastructure,…

The most overlooked (but important) opportunity for startups entering the sports app market

16th Apr 2020

In the past decade, any moderate to highly ambitious athlete has definitely noticed the rise of the sports tracking apps. Entering the 2020s, the adaptation of those apps has moved from being embraced by the innovators and early adopters to the majority of people. But whereas the initial majority…

The main reason why sport startups fail - and how to prevent yours from flopping

3rd Apr 2020

‘What if…?’ is probably one of the most important questions asked throughout human history. It sparked evolutions, revolutions and innovations that pushed us further than we could have imagined… and it still drives us forward today.

It leads us to pushing the barriers of our physical capab…

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