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SportUp Meet 2022: Lessons learned (so far)?

22nd Jun 2022

Loving the live events on sunny days! SportUp Meet went great last week! One of the most interactive meetups organized so far. With the small gathering of people, everybody felt confident to talk to each other, which has lowered the threshold to ask questions and share experiences. Get the vibe of t...

Get to know the SportsTech startups of SportUp Boost 2022!

9th Jun 2022

Two creative SportsTech startups entered this years' SportUp Boost. The first edition of 2022 started in March and we have chosen to do a hybrid version of the program. Over the past four months, the startups got access to videos about the main learning topics: problem space, solution space, busi...

Sports & HealthTech Meetup recap

2nd May 2022

Health and Sports go hand in hand. Also in the world of technology. But where do these interfaces lie and how do they reinforce each other? What can we learn from sports to help people live longer healthy lives? Around this theme, we gathered in De Krook in Ghent for an evening full of insights a...

SportUp 2.022, off for a fresh start !

7th Apr 2022

So what happened the last 3 years?

From the initial start of SportUp in 2018 until now, we have guided startups in establishing and further developing their business idea. For SportUp Boost, this concerns 60 startups who applied to our program. From these, we selected 23. For each edition of...

MyGamePlan, helps professional football clubs to win their next game!

29th Oct 2021

What's the latest addition to the SportUp portfolio? MyGamePlan!

MyGamePlan is the first opponent analysis tool for professional football clubs with a player app to prepare each player individually for their next opponent based on the framework of the coach in an automated but simple environmen...

EXR fully launched!

23rd Sep 2021

EXR participated in SportUp Start, our imec.istart service, the leading accelerator for tech startups. It offers support for mid-stage startups that already have a proof-of-concept product and have international ambitions.

On September 9, Salty Lemon Entertainment launched the indoor rowing ap...

Ready for take off in SportUp Start?!!

14th Jul 2021

SportUp Start is our imec.istart service offering for startups with extra sport specific support on topic of what has been benchmarked as one of the best accelerator programs in Europe and beyond, as imec.istart is the leading accelerator for tech startups. It offers support for mid-stage startup...

SportUp Boost startups ready to continue their adventures

3rd Jun 2021

Wow. We've built another great succes together with the entrepreneurs of the 5 startups who took part in the 5th SportUp Boost cohort!

We again went through a great journey together; this time during an online experience which brought the startups a bit closer to realizing their dreams! Thi...

5 new startups in SportUp Boost 2021!

8th Apr 2021

SportUp Boost has kicked off again (for the 5th time) with an awesome group of creative entrepreneurs. This time, 5 startups were selected who are ready to tackle a variety of sports issues. Our goal? Help them evaluate the feasibility of their startup & defining the best possible strategic actions...

The Belgian and Nordics FootballTech Meet & Greet

15th Mar 2021

With SportUp, we're always happy to connect and partner up with other sports tech startup ecosystems. One we didn't really yet tapped into is the Nordics one. And so, The Belgian & Nordics FootballTech Meet & Greet was set up as an invite-only event organized by SportUp,...

Boost startup project 'Muscle Talent Scan' is still going strong!

27th Nov 2020

Muscle Talent Scan (MTS) is a spin-off project from the team of Prof. Wim Derave at Ghent University. Using an MRI scan, the ratio of slow versus fast muscle fibers of an individual can be defined.

"We offer athletes, sports professionals and radiologists a fast, painless and non-invasive tech...

Boost startup 'Opteamal' is growing every day!

2nd Nov 2020

Opteamal is an open and adaptable data analysis and communication platform that’s built to combine player data from different platforms and sources. It gives a personalized and detailed overview from every angle or perspective in terms of performance..

These days, a lot of data is generated to tra...

Does Your Sport Startup Find Itself In A Red Ocean Or A Blue Ocean?

13th Oct 2020

Most of us dream of improving the sports industry or another individual’s sports experience. In many cases, this is because we experience(d) a need ourselves. Which means when we start turning this dream into a startup, we need to approach the creation of our business with a critical eye, making sur...

Internationalization Done Right: Why It’s Smart To Use A Soft Landing Program

1st Oct 2020

A few years ago, Harvard Business Review performed an analysis which revealed that for most companies, it takes up to 10 years after moving into a new market to reach just a 1 percent return on investment.

The challenge is that there’s no handbook for expanding your business to a new region. Fin...

SportUp Meet 2020: The New Way of Networking!

30th Sep 2020


So many things to do, so many contacts to follow or so in need of new contacts, but so little time!

We asked ourselfs: how can we help our SportsTech startup community?
What do they need and what have they missed the most during this Corona crisis that has been...

How To Build An International Network That Really Facilitates Your Expansion In A New Market

8th Sep 2020

At some point in your sports tech startup journey, the idea of expanding your business to other countries will probably pop up.

You might want to expand because your home market is too small, your current market is saturated, other markets seem ‘more ready’ for your product, there are other marke...

How to expand your network at SportUp Meet with the right people?

7th Sep 2020

Here are some suggestions to meet interesting profiles!

It will be provided by Conversation Starter, a tool to meet new people in a very efficient way. Just make a profile here, where you tell us about yourself (where do you work/your passion), what you need or who do you want to meet and...

How To Assess The Competitive Playing Field Of Your Startup: The 3 Main Areas To Research

12th Aug 2020

The feeling you get after discovering an idea that could potentially innovate or revolutionize the sports industry, is amazing.

You immediately sense the possibilities of how your idea can improve people’s lives or impact companies’ efficiency. You might even envision how you create a living out o...

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