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Get to know 5 new startups from SportUp Boost

9th Jul 2020
What happened during the latest SportUp Boost?

5 startups successfully completed this 3rd season of SportUp Boost and again, we had very enriching sessions.

All the workshops were organized completely remote, by using MS Teams. The various theoretical topics were explained during …

Eager to expand your startup internationally? Make sure you meet these 7 conditions.

9th Jul 2020

For many startups Flanders is a great testing ground to further scale globally. With the presence of many international companies nearby and located at the heart of Europe, Belgium’s active and international community offers many opportunities to grow your business.

Belgium offers a quick…

These 5 factors account the most for startup success, according to serial tech innovator Bill Gross

3rd Jul 2020

Whenever people discuss which factors are the most determining when it comes to startup success, opinions are widely divided.

Is it actually possible to predict if a business is going to be successful? We asked Sportup Innovation Manager Nico Delleman…

The 4 laws of innovation that make or break your sports tech innovation process

3rd Jul 2020

Having an innovative idea that could impact or possibly turn around the industry you’re in is one thing, but it’s a whole other thing to successfully work through an innovation process to bring that idea to life.

Over the past 2 years of coaching a few dozen sports tech startups in our Sp…

Two Types Of Customers Sport Startups Absolutely Need To Convince First

3rd Jul 2020

How do innovators like you get the mass majority to adopt your innovation so you can grow your startup into a strong and sustainable business? Not an easy question to answer, but experience and research uncovered many indicators on what startups should -or not- do.

One of those indicators …

Entrepreneurs, don’t fall into the ‘one-lead-user’ trap

3rd Jul 2020

There aren’t many entrepreneurs out there who become entrepreneurs just by wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs mostly start off with an idea: "What if..." Most of them will tell you that they attribute the identification of their first business idea to their experience…

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