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Hylyght allows maturity-based benchmarking & bio-banding to assess talent during the interval of pubertal growth. We identify talent before, during and after puberty. Start with our of-the-shelve test sets & reference values and we’ll build your dedicated model together.

SportUp Boost

Peaks Climbing Data

Automatically log your climbing routes using NFC technology. Because better data make better climbers.

SportUp Boost


A treadmill sensor to bring real treadmill belt-speed data into your virtual running platforms such as Zwift. Easy to install and easy to use. Run, run, run,...

SportUp Boost


MoveOut provides Yogalive, a platform where yoga teachers can organize bookings, high-quality live streaming and payments for their online sessions.


LedsReact´s first product ‘Direction’ is a smart sports cone to get your team to the next level. It indicates a direction by lighting up one of the 4 colored LED’s. As such, hundreds of exercises can be provided to every athlete. It’s our mission to enable coaches and athletes to train more effectively by providing top-notch technology, based on scientific knowledge.

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