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MyGamePlan is a data-driven platform for professional football teams and players. They provide actionable insights to increase the probability of winning the next game.


MyPitch helps football players - and their friends - to discover their potential with game insights. UNLOCK YOUR GAME!

SportUp Boost


A fully automatic Dive Management Tool on the boat makes sure you will never loose one of your divers! The diver can send signals to the boat from under water: low on gas, tired, not feeling well, pickup time.... It gives a perfectly safe feeling for the diver under water as well for the people on the boat!

SportUp Boost

Lower Impact Runner

This team is bringing a wearable tool to the market that provides music-based feedback on a runner’s impact shock magnitude. Rud Derie and Joeri Gerlo want to prevent overuse running injuries by running retraining with the help of this real-time feedback system based on years of scientific research!

SportUp Boost


Improov measures & improves your team's physical performance. It generates a personalized, clear report for each team member and provides insights into the weaknesses and strengths of the different players.
Your all-in-one video based performance app!

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