Participating Startups


OnTracx is a Sports- and HealthTech company that works towards injury-free running, while enjoying it. Our solution offers the possibility to track load outside the traditional lab-settings, based on sensor technology.


TrackBox is a generic software solution that automatically extracts physical metrics and event data from your video footage.

Nova Sport

Nova Sport is a social network app, designed to bring people together around sport. Whether it's a business, university or co-working space, Nova Sport will help you build a healthy, active and connected community in the most impactful way.


MyGamePlan is a data-driven platform for professional football teams and players. They provide actionable insights to increase the probability of winning the next game.

SportUp Boost


Improov measures & improves your team's physical performance. It generates a personalized, clear report for each team member and provides insights into the weaknesses and strengths of the different players.
Your all-in-one video based performance app!

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