Get to know 5 new startups from SportUp Boost

9th Jun 2020

What happened during the latest SportUp Boost?

5 startups successfully completed this 3rd season of SportUp Boost and again, we had very enriching sessions.

All the workshops were organized completely remote, by using MS Teams. The various theoretical topics were explained during the plenary calls. For personal advice, our coaches did a private call with each startup after a particular task was given. It's a continuous learning process for both parties as the coaches offer substantive advice and practical tips & tricks, and the startups have their own way of processing it, also asking relevant questions.

In the closure sessions, also remotely, the startups did their final pitch including the topics they worked on during the workshops. Some of them did a complete shift of their idea, others developed their idea into a real business.

Want to learn more about them? Below you can read some insights about the 5 ventures. A short summary can be found in the video at the bottom of this blog.


Many people want to train at home, especially in these 'Corona times'. But can you do it in a good and safe way? Personal trainers want to help these people but it's difficult to organize such events. So how can the personal trainers offer a better personalized service and how can they guide customers remotely?

With Fitmade, personal trainers can offer their clients an online location where they can find all their workouts, live sessions, instructions and PT feedback, anytime, anyplace. A PT can save time by re-using instruction video's and strengthen their digital brand while providing a qualitative extra service.

Three important value propositions Fitmade provides:

  1. Live and on demand video
  2. Qualitative feedback. Augmented reality is used for drawing lines on the screen so the customer can see which position she/he has to take
  3. Easy to use. Fitmade is 1 app for all video communication with your athletes and it strengthens your digital brand

The team of Fitmade consists of three friends of who Wouter Moors is a personal coach and initial user of the platform. He has his own coaching studio with up to 4 personal coaches. Dieter Dingenen is the online marketing specialist with experience in online advertising and Dries Marien is responsible for the development an the UX & service design.

team Fitmade

Want to connect with Fitmade? Take a look at their website:

Peaks Climbing Data

Peaks Climbing Data focuses on particular problems of climbers and climbing gyms. For almost every outdoor sport, it's possible to automatically keep track of your performances. Trailrunners, mountainbikers, swimmers... They just start an app and get detailed information on their performances. For climbing different routes and keeping track of it, manual log work is necessary. For climbing gyms, the problems lies with not having objective data on climbed routes and usage of the wall. There's where Peaks Climbing Data comes in to make the difference!

They use an easy and cheap installation of NFC tags for the routes. With a wearable, the climber easily scans the different tags and it automatically connects through wifi with the database. The database can connect with your favorite apps: Strava, MyClimb, Toplogger...

For the climber it's a way to stay motivated to become a better climber because it gives them detailed information (speed, progression...) of the routes they climb, even the failed ones. It's very easy to use because it's all automatic.

For the climbing gyms, the database gives detailed objective data on climbed routes and data of the usage of the walls. This can help to optimize the occupation of the climbing walls.

Sven Weyers, Bert Diels and Michiel Van Dyck are outdoor sportsmen with a passion for climbing.

Do you want to contact them about their venture? Go to their website and get in touch.

Ultra Trail Coaching

Do you want to finish an ultra-marathon for the first time but don't know where to start? Or do you want to improve your time on the next ultra-marathon event? It's a big, and sometimes scary goal that requires consistency and structure in every training. Different from non-ultra runners, nutrition, gear, technique, self-care, first aid, etc. are all important aspects the ultra-runner has to learn about.

Ultra Trail Coaching is your guide and companion for this job! They guide first-timers as well as ultra-runners who want to run solid results. Hands-on advice and dynamic and individualized training schedules are all blended in a very user-friendly environment. They keep you motivated, give you feedback on personal performances and help to optimize your return on time-investment.

Karel Sabbe and Stijn Van Vreckem are two men who love running. Stijn is a recreational runner and the software engineer behind UTC. Karel on the other hand is the double world record holding ultra runner and provides the expertise and knowledge of the profession itself.

team Ultra Trail Coaching


We all have busy lives because of work, family, hobbies... Where does exercising fit in your schedule? Many adults enjoy exercise but don't always find the time for it. Therefore, the mission of MoveOut is to activate this large group of people, for whom traditional workouts are not an option. They believe digitalization is starting to disrupt traditional workouts. Coaches will have to adapt their way of working if they don't want to be replaced by apps. At least partly of course. Move-Out focuses on yoga and pilates teachers.

Imagine a hybrid future where users can integrate online and offline sessions through the week, benefiting from convenience, yet not giving up the community they exercise with. MoveOut provides the transition to online yoga and pilates workouts through a simple live streaming platform that connects teachers and athletes. They give the teachers access to a rapidly growing user base looking for yoga or pilates classes.

The teachers benefit from MoveOut because they can scale their business online which leads to a higher reach and more revenues. A better personalized service on the other hand makes happy customers.

The complementary team of MoveOut consists of Sibren De Preter, who is obsessed with longevity, mental & physical performance, Willem Romanus is passionate about strategy, technology and sports and Fabrice Verhaert is the tech & math specialist.

team MoveOut

Do you want to know more about MoveOut? Visit their website


"If it's not on Strava, it didn't happen." A saying all runners and cyclists can relate to. As an outdoor athlete it's easy to collect data about your performances. Everyone wants knowledge of the average speed, the distance, the altitude, etc. But what about indoor running on your treadmill? How can you collect your running data, especially your speed, from your treadmill into your running app?

BlueSense gives the solution to this problem. It's an affordable treadmill sensor designed for indoor running that connects any treadmill to virtual running platforms such as Zwift or RunSocial. Your real treadmill belt-speed data is also directly transferred into your smartwatch so you can publish your training anywhere you want. It's the most accurate speed tracker and very easy to install and to use.

Yves Debeer and Ann Vanvooren are wife and husband. Yves likes to run and is in charge of the technical product development. Ann is the project manager of BlueSense.

team BlueSense)

Do you want to get in touch with Ann and Yves? Visit their website

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