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2nd Nov 2020

Opteamal is an open and adaptable data analysis and communication platform that’s built to combine player data from different platforms and sources. It gives a personalized and detailed overview from every angle or perspective in terms of performance..

These days, a lot of data is generated to track performance and to monitor athletes. It’s part of a broader evolution in which data is becoming ever increasingly important, and the number of data sources that could be integrated in performance systems isn’t going to decrease.

We offer an athlete monitoring system, that incorporates a scientific approach to monitor & design training programs.

Up until now, physical coaches and their performance staff weren’t properly equipped to deal with this avalanche of data. Some coaches would devise intricate Excel solutions, which are nice and can sometimes do the trick but quickly there are some errors or repetitive and complex steps that occured.

OPTEAMAL gives you a platform to translate complex data into clear athlete information.

What's new?

How did SportUp Boost help you to take these next steps?

"The biggest help for us in the process was (in my opinion) being together with the team and the external experts/coaches. In this way we had time and the necessary support to think and talk about everything.", says Bram Vanhees.

What are the plans for the future?

As for the next step(s)... Of course the on-boarding of new clubs both nationally and internationally. We are convinced that our solution is unique in this competitive market, especially considering the price and the quality we offer for it. This certainly allows us to distinguish ourselves. Of course we will continue to develop new concepts together with Niels Van Werde (Sports Scientist) about performance prediction and injury prevention. For example, we plan to write a number of white papers with our insights.

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