SportUp Meet 2020: The New Way of Networking!

30th Sep 2020


So many things to do, so many contacts to follow or so in need of new contacts, but so little time!

We asked ourselfs: how can we help our SportsTech startup community?
What do they need and what have they missed the most during this Corona crisis that has been keeping us indoors for months. We are social animals and need social contact, nice chats, productive conversations... We want to make progress in what we do and achieve valuable things. And of course you can't do this alone! That's why the focus of SportUp Meet 2020 was on enriching your network!

Of course SportUp Meet is also an event to promote our Boost startups. We want to help them in every way possible, including expanding their network and putting them in touch with the right people. Thanks to those of you who did a speed date with one of the startups. We are convinced that this has brought them one step closer to their ultimate goal of becoming a trustworthy and reliable company.

How did we network online?

We used the Conversation Starter tool. This is a tool to meet with (new) people in a very efficient way. All you had to do was create a profile where you had to briefly tell something about yourself and then describe in a few sentences your needs and what you had to offer to the network, your experience/expertise.

The next, and also final step, was to book short video calls (speed dates) of 12 minutes with other profiles or wait until someone invites you to make a call. It's easy, it takes little time and effort and you don't have to install anything. You get a reminder by text message before each meeting, then you just have to go to the webpage of Conversation Starter and the video call starts and ends automatically. It's easy, isn't it?

We asked a few participants of SportUp Meet what they thought of the online network event.

Here's what they had to say:

Did you miss this event?

No worries, we will be back soon with other (online networking) events.

We'll keep you updated in our blogs and through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the meetup platform.

Hope to see you (again) next time!

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