How to expand your network at SportUp Meet with the right people?

7th Sep 2020

Here are some suggestions to meet interesting profiles!

It will be provided by Conversation Starter, a tool to meet new people in a very efficient way. Just make a profile here, where you tell us about yourself (where do you work/your passion), what you need or who do you want to meet and what you have to offer professionally. Then, your account is ready and you can schedule 12 minute video calls with anyone you want! Simple right?

SportUp MEET is getting closer, meet all the right people in just 1 day!

Do you want to learn from the professionals of SportUp or from the startups of SportUp Boost and Start? Check the list below! Connect with

Yogalive and Ultra Trail Coaching did an extra effort to get in touch with you! Here's the pitch of their startup with all the information you need if you're interested in these startups!



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