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3rd Jun 2021

Wow. We've built another great succes together with the entrepreneurs of the 5 startups who took part in the 5th SportUp Boost cohort!

We again went through a great journey together; this time during an online experience which brought the startups a bit closer to realizing their dreams! This time we kept the online part to a minimum, because - as we all experienced the past months - long online workshops take up too much energy and creativity (which could be better used otherwise).

So, Jorik Van den Bosch and Gilles Wuyts, innovation coordinators of imec, recorded a couple of short videos of 15-20 minutes for each topic and related coaching moment. The startups could watch them whenever they wanted in order to prepare each of the coaching sessions.

During these moments, we discussed the content and shared experiences with the exercises who were presented during the videos. Five to six coaches listened, analyzed, and advised about the progress the startups (could) make. They love skeptisism! Asking the right, but often difficult questions is sometimes confronting, but on the other hand, it's the best way to learn fast and move forward in the right direction early in the process!

In addition, every startup had a personal coach to whom they could always turn to for interim feedback and help. The online sessions with all the coaches were always a few weeks apart, and different topics were handled:

It's been an intensive but rewarding journey we went through, but our 5th cohort startups did absolutely great! They were always well prepared and very motivated to take those next steps, even though it was often out of their comfort zone. A few of these startups are even ready to apply for the bigger picture at SportUp Start, organized by imec.istart.

The next step for SportUp is to organize another SportUp Meet, a netwerking opportunity for all the startups and other sports tech innovation minded people. We are brainstorming about a new concept and also waiting a bit until the pandemic is getting under control. So definitely keep an eye on us on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) or on our Meetup group to stay updated about our next netwerking event!

Do you want to know the opinion of some of the startups about SportUp Boost? Just watch the videos below!



Lower Impact Runner


Straight Up

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