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MyPitch helps football players - and their friends - to discover their potential with game insights. UNLOCK YOUR GAME!

SportUp Boost


A fully automatic Dive Management Tool on the boat makes sure you will never loose one of your divers! The diver can send signals to the boat from under water: low on gas, tired, not feeling well, pickup time.... It gives a perfectly safe feeling for the diver under water as well for the people on the boat!

SportUp Boost

Lower Impact Runner

This team is bringing a wearable tool to the market that provides music-based feedback on a runner’s impact shock magnitude. Rud Derie and Joeri Gerlo want to prevent overuse running injuries by running retraining with the help of this real-time feedback system based on years of scientific research!

SportUp Boost


A great experience at a running event deserves better footage. That's why MYMO delivers a personal aftermovie for you, including cool action shots! Ready to share your aftermovie with your friends??


SpineWise is an intelligent wearable that monitors the back and shoulders on the work floor, showing exactly where and when bad posture and movement habits are occurring. By giving real-time feedback at exactly the right time, we aim to tackle those damaging habits for good. Say goodbye to back pain!

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