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SportUp Boost


A great experience at a running event deserves better footage. That's why MYMO delivers a personal aftermovie for you, including cool action shots! Ready to share your aftermovie with your friends??


SpineWise is an intelligent wearable that monitors the back and shoulders on the work floor, showing exactly where and when bad posture and movement habits are occurring. By giving real-time feedback at exactly the right time, we aim to tackle those damaging habits for good. Say goodbye to back pain!

SportUp Boost


BuddyBox is a motivational tool, that combines a physical storage device with a habit tracker app. Users can store rewards/temptations and use the app to unlock the box by accomplishing their goals in a gamified way! Isn't it the perfect way to stay motivated to exercise more?!


SCARAB Sports is a start-up focusing on helping athletes to improve at a higher pace during training sessions as well as assisting their entourage with actionable performance analytics


A community app for urban sports & culture. By the urban community, for urban athletes and artists. Where we connect you, challenge, share and appreciate each other's passion.

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