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EXR is an exergame that makes indoor training fun! Connect with your ergometer and explore beautiful environments, get real-time feedback, see detailed training reports, compete against other players, level up and much much more!


Hylyght allows maturity-based benchmarking & bio-banding to assess talent during the interval of pubertal growth. We identify talent before, during and after puberty. Start with our of-the-shelve test sets & reference values and we’ll build your dedicated model together.

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Peaks Climbing Data

Automatically log your climbing routes using NFC technology. Because better data make better climbers.

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All your (live) video workouts in one place. Fitmade takes away the hassle of multiple tools and provides a better personalized service. With Fitmade you have everything you need to provide qualitative remote coaching.

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Ultra Trail Coaching

UTC is your guide and companion to your ultramarathon event. Packed with hands-on advice, dynamic and individualized training schedules designed by one of the world's best ultrarunners, all blended in a very user-friendly environment. We find every athlete's Ultra Trail Sweet Spot, whether that means finishing your first 100K, running a podium finish or getting successfully out of your comfort zone.

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