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Muscle Talent Scan

Muscle Talent Scan (MTS) is a spin-off project from the team of Prof. Wim Derave at Ghent University. Using an MRI scan, the ratio of slow versus fast muscle fibers of an individual can be defined.

LevelUP Sports

LevelUP makes video analysis easy for sports teams. A mobile application helps coaches to film, tag and share the important moments of a game, using an iPad and a wireless button. LevelUp targets the "SME’s" of the sports industry such as semi-professional clubs, talent academies and colleges, in total worth approximately €2B in market value.


LedsReact´s first product ‘Direction’ is a smart sports cone to get your team to the next level. It indicates a direction by lighting up one of the 4 colored LED’s. As such, hundreds of exercises can be provided to every athlete. It’s our mission to enable coaches and athletes to train more effectively by providing top-notch technology, based on scientific knowledge.


Whizzgolf improves the game of golf for all involved stakeholders by monitoring all moving objects on a golf course in real-time.

SportUp Boost

Smart Mind

Smart Mind develops tools designed for athletes and coaches to optimize their sports performance.

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