Participating Startups


O-BOY offers a solution (hardware, software and services) for a wide range of adventurers (such as hikers and surfers) who could be at risk when they are outdoors without cell phone reception.

SportUp Boost


Opteamal is an open and adaptable data analysis and communication platform that’s built to combine player data from different platforms. It gives a personalized and detailed overview based on every desired vision and perspective in terms of performance.

SportUp Boost


PitchPerfect provides smart clothing that measures the speed between the rotation of hip and shoulders. The app connected to the clothing gives real-time feedback about your technique as an overhand athlete (e.g. baseball pitcher).

SportUp Boost

Muscle Talent Scan

Muscle Talent Scan (MTS) is a spin-off project from the team of Prof. Wim Derave at Ghent University. Using an MRI scan, the ratio of slow versus fast muscle fibers of an individual can be defined.

LevelUP Sports

LevelUP makes video analysis easy for sports teams. A mobile application helps coaches to film, tag and share the important moments of a game, using an iPad and a wireless button. LevelUp targets the "SME’s" of the sports industry such as semi-professional clubs, talent academies and colleges, in total worth approximately €2B in market value.

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