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Two Types Of Customers Sport Startups Absolutely Need To Convince First

27th May 2020

How do innovators like you get the mass majority to adopt your innovation so you can grow your startup into a strong and sustainable business? Not an easy question to answer, but experience and research uncovered many indicators on what startups should -or not- do.

One of those indicators …

Eager To Expand Your Startup Internationally? Make Sure You Meet These 7 conditions.

20th May 2020

For many startups Flanders is a great testing ground to further scale globally. With the presence of many international companies nearby and located at the heart of Europe, Belgium’s active and international community offers many opportunities to grow your business.

Belgium offers a quick…

Mistakes Founders Make: Falling Into The ‘One-Lead-User’ Trap

5th May 2020

There aren’t many entrepreneurs out there who become entrepreneurs just by 'wanting' to be an entrepreneur. Let alone be successful.

Successful entrepreneurs mostly start off by dreaming: they find themselves asking questions like "What if...", which leads to ideas popping up. And most of …

The one framework every sports tech startup needs to apply (besides the Business Model Canvas): imec’s Innovatrix model

22nd Apr 2020

Since its initial development in 2005, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) has spread throughout startup land and quickly became one of the most used business model frameworks.

Compiled of nine different building blocks, it describes a business’ or product's value proposition, infrastructure,…

The most overlooked (but important) opportunity for startups entering the sports app market

16th Apr 2020

In the past decade, any moderate to highly ambitious athlete has definitely noticed the rise of the sports tracking apps. Entering the 2020s, the adaptation of those apps has moved from being embraced by the innovators and early adopters to the majority of people. But whereas the initial majority…

The main reason why sport startups fail - and how to prevent yours from flopping

3rd Apr 2020

‘What if…?’ is probably one of the most important questions asked throughout human history. It sparked evolutions, revolutions and innovations that pushed us further than we could have imagined… and it still drives us forward today.

It leads us to pushing the barriers of our physical capab…

9 mistakes startups need to avoid when joining a startup accelerator

9th Mar 2020

Next to the +15 European sports tech accelerators that SportsTechX wrote about earlier last month, there are many, many more startup accelerators, in all forms and shapes. Whatever niche or sector you’re in (sports, health, media or others), you'll probably find an accelerator that caters to your…

SportUp Meet #2: inspiration and Sportstech Round Tables

10th Jul 2019

You've already heard the saying 'Your net worth is your network', right?

On December 3rd we celebrated the wrap-up of our first SportUp year with another Sportup Meet event. We switched up the concept to cater more people to their needs and wants, and thus crafted an event where knowledge …

SportUp Meet #1: this is what you missed

14th Jun 2019

Wow. One month ago, on May 7, we had our first SportUp Meet event, and what a fantastic evening it was!

With well over 120 attendees, the room -at MeetDistrict, located in the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent- was packed. We got to celebrate our first 3 startup accelerator graduates (all from the …

SportUp to partner with Cronos & Sporthouse Group

4th Jun 2019

Given their respective network and experience in sports technology, we are very happy to announce an official partnership with both Cronos as Sporthouse Group.

As a sports tech startup (pre-)accelerator, we believe it´s important to partner with players from industry, for…

First wave of startups to pitch on May 7th in MeetDistrict

7th May 2019

The last couple of months, we helped a variety of Flemish sport startups in developing their startup idea, product/market fit, technology set-up, business model, etc. during our SportUp Boost or Start programs. The Boost program is a pre-acceleration track of 3 m…

Flemish (Belgian) sport startup accelerator “SportUp” goes live

23rd Oct 2018

Flanders’ experts join forces to launch the first and only specific support program for sports tech startups in Belgium. SportUp, an initiative by Victoris-Ghent University and imec.istart, with the support of Sport Vlaanderen, is officially launched at the Sports Tech Transfer a…

Flemish (Belgian) sport startups deserve professional support

17th Oct 2018

Starting up a business in general, and in sports tech in particular is hot. More and more people are developing apps, software platforms, internet-of-things applications, games, virtual reality tools, etc. Market studies also suggest the sport business is drastically increasing. …

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